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Hello and a mini rant

Hi all, I just discovered this community.

Normally I don't care what my boyfriend does with his time because I like having some space and have my own little weird hobbies too. But right now I'm hungry and annoyed and furious at Final Fantasy (don't know which Roman numeral comes after it and don't care) for having affected my OWN life. We had a lunch planned and were supposed to have left an hour ago and he says we can't go for another hour or two because there's something "very important" he needs to do in that blasted game. As though it is an actual income-producing job or something. *rolls eyes*

I'm just totally resenting the fact that my life is being affected by this silly game now.

Ok, that's it for now. Thanks for listening. =)
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I hate that. I had something almost like that happen to me last year. Last year few days after my birthday I was going to go shopping since some people sent me money for my birthday. Since I didn't have a car or licenses I had no way of getting there (wasn't in walking distance) so he said he would take me. The same day as we where going to go he makes plans with someone on the game and he had to be back by 8. He told me this at like 6. I had to wait tell 6 cause he was busy helping someone. I got mad at him and asked him why did he make plans with a complete strangers when he knew he had plans with me. He said it was important. I made him stay tell 9. Sure he wasn't happy about it but he deserved it for all the times when we could go out and then suddenly he would be like we have to go. Just so he can come back and help someone. And I made sure he knew I wasn't happy about it either. What's funny is that he didn't say sorry to me. But when we got home and he got on the game he was saying sorry to everyone for not being there at 8. My mom said I should do it back. Get on a online game and spend the whole day on it and ingore everything he says. Just do like he does. Go "uh huh, uh huh, yeah, uh huh." But only thing is I don't like playing games online much. At most I'll spend a hour a week playing online games. Anymore then that I'll get bored.
What's funny is that he didn't say sorry to me.
My boyfriend didn't apologize to me either.

My mom said I should do it back. Get on a online game and spend the whole day on it and ingore everything he says. Just do like he does. Go "uh huh, uh huh, yeah, uh huh." But only thing is I don't like playing games online much. At most I'll spend a hour a week playing online games. Anymore then that I'll get bored.
And besides, it probably wouldn't affect him much. Actually he'd probably welcome the fact that you'd be off his back.

Maybe we should withhold sex from them. :P

Our sex life is already declining because of this game anyway. The gamer thing just isn't much of a turn-on.
The thing I do is when he's into his game and he's ingoring everything else. I just ask him something like "I'm the ugliest thing that walked earth, right?" then since he's not lishening and just knows it's a question he'll be like "yeah". So, when I go "Gee, thanks!" he'll be like "what?" So, I tell him and he'll be like "I didn't mean that, I'm sorry, blah blah blah." But he still doesn't stop.
Maybe withholding sex would work. haha
Sometimes I wonder if there's any hope of them getting away from the stupid games.
I don't think that will help.
Maybe you need to try and adapt.
Sit down and play the game with him. Take interest in him, because it's just not all about you.
Chances are he'll get bored of it soon enough and start catering to your every whim again. Can't he have some time of his own?
I had no problem with the game, in fact I played the game too. But when he gets home from work and the first thing he did was head for the computer and spends rest of the time there until he can't stay awake anymore, then yes it is a problem. It's a problem when he was honestly thinking about quitting or changing to part time at work cause work was getting in the way of him playing FF11. It's a problem when he keeps going in the negatives in his bank account cause he just has to have something for his game, and he almost lost his bank account cause of it. It is a problem when he almost gave up his dreams for some stupid game. It's not about me wanting him catering to my every whim. I have no problems with him playing games but when he life becomes the game and that's all he talks about, and he really starts to beleave he's in the game, then yes there is a problem. Thankfully he relized that and know he's alot better, nothing like he was. Yes, he still plays games but it's not like it was before. Now he's focuses on work, his dreams also. He's now getting 8 hours of sleep instead of 3 like he use to because of that game. His bank account isn't going into the negatives because of that game, he's not in some other world. He's in reality, unlike he was back then. Honeslty when it's 5 in the morning you and your falling asleep at the computer, and you have to be at work 8 in the morning, then yes you have a problem. And he did.
I think it's amusing that you just assumed that it was because he wasn't focused on me all the time, that caused the problem for me. Just curious what made you assume that without really getting to know me, or his problem? Cause trust me I don't expect nobody to cater to my every whim. He can have time to himself all he wants. In fact he does, alot. And I have no problems with that. Everybody needs time for themselves. But when I person turns into a monster with a addiction like he was then I do have a problem with it. I like how you think I should adapt to his addiction. I guess if he was big time into drugs I should adapt to that too right? Next time, don't assume, get the whole story. Thankfully he woke up and realized that yes he had a problem and took care of it. Now, he's back to his normal self. And no that doesn't mean catering to my every whim, his whole world revolves around me, etc. I mean focusing on his dreams, future, etc. not the future of a game. And like I said I have no problems with games, I play them too. In fact I stood in line with him at midnight before for a game. Sat threw a 12 hour game-a-thon he entered with him. I was even going to enter it too but I didn't bring my faverite controller (hey what can I say, I'm picky about my xbox controller). In fact when Gears of War just came out guess who bought it for him cause I knew he really really wanted it? Me. Trust me one of the reasons why we are together is because of games. We both are gamers. In fact we met over the Dreamcast. When we start planning our wedding, I'm going to try to find someone that can do a groomscake in a shape of the Xbox. I came up with that idea, when I asked him what he thought, he was all over it. It's just he became addict to a game to the point it was ruining his life.
if you hate games- this guy is your mortal enemy

You actually may have seen this before, as its been floating around the net, but if not...

The Tao of Nick: The Grand Dragon of Comedy