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Ryan is getting better about playing final fantasy, but he still bitches and moans that he doesn't have enough time to play. He just spent $30 on the spring edition of the game guide (and we didn't have the money in the first place) plus the game is costly every month since he has more than one character. *screams* When will this bullshit end!?!?
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I play computer games as well but I try not to ignore people though I know it happens. However my gf plays as well so I dont have to deal with it as much. Its more of "When is it my turn to play."
I hate to tell you this, honey, but "this bullshit" is not EVER going to end. Being a gamer is a lifestyle. Boys who are into it, in my experience, never really grow out of it. It's like wondering when someone who's gay will give up and start being straight. It's a lifestyle. It just doesn't go away.
I'm a girl who's grown up around gamer geeks all me life; all of my boyfriends have been gamers in some capacity. Most of my best friends are gamers.
Now, oddly enough, I am going to go against what I just said about not growing out of the lifestyle, but you must keep in mind that:
A)I am a female and therefore more socialized to be "nice" and "fit in" and "be normal", etc. so being an anti-social gaming addict was never really a lifetstyle I was encouraged to lead.... although I'd consider myself somewhat of a feminist, and I'm all about power to the geek girl, I have to be honest and admit that you just don't see a lot of girls with the latest gaming walkthrough manual, discussing secret magical items or the best way to train a chocobo around the highschool lunch table. And
B)I have a very conservative and judgmental family that places a lot of pressure on me to perform, academically, financially, etc., so I've never really had the luxury to "geek out" as much as I might have otherwise. That being said:
I sort of used to be a geek, in highschool, and I do like to play games, sometimes, but right now I have this little thing called REAL LIFE and things like work, paychecks, deadlines, maintenance, tests, classes, assignments, team projects, etc. tend to take up all my "professional" time and most of my "free" time as well. It's rare that I even watch an hour of T.V.
But all the guys I've ever known who gamed (and I know a damned LOT of them)were in it for life. If they were around and learning to interface with a computer when gaming started to get hot in the late 80's/early 90's, there's a good chance they're still with it today, still whining how they need the latest game/manual/coaxial cable/video card/faster processor/gaming console/what-the-fuck-ever.
They will tweak their technology, and they will spend lots of money on their addiction, and there's always something newer/faster/funnier/better graphics/cooler monsters/cooler weapons/hotter elf chicks/with more inside jokes from the last 8 releases of this goddamn game/and more convoluted side quests riddled with addictive brain teasers than you can shake a fucking lightsaber at.

If he's seriously spending up to 8 hours a day (conservatively) and considerable amounts of cash on this habit, unless the sex is amazing or he's incredibly wealthy, you need to either learn to love the geek he is, or dump his loser ass and run fast in the opposite direction, because he is never going to out grow this, especially not just to make you happy, and your relationship will suffer eventually from you always having to be the "bad guy" and beg for his attention, only to realize you are lessening your reputation in his eyes as fun and attractive and instead cementing his image of you as a nagger, all for the measly return of a token chunk of time spent together here or there just so you'll quit nagging him about it.
I hate to be so pessimistic. And I know this probably isn't what you wanted to hear. But I just know a lot of guys, from 12 to 50 who are are just... totally into it, and have been /will continue to be for years, and it's just... how they are. Some guys are really into sports, some guys are really into fishing, some guys are really into Final Fantasy XXVIVVIVIIIIIIMCVIXIII.

you have a point. actually since i posted that, he went to counseling. He was playing FF 10 hours a day, neglecting his child, and he got fired from his job because of it.

He's now playing world of warcraft, but.... he has his limits to not be sucked into it again. I am happy with this. :) I also love online games and i'm a geek girl in every sense. I just know when to beam back to reality. lol