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Anti Game Addiction

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Welcome to the Anti Game Addiction Community

This is sort of a support group for people suffering
with game addicted spouces or signifficant others.
Feel free to express how you feel, your ides, ways
to make them stop, and the things that are being
sacrificed etc... Basicaly just talk about it, how
it makes you feel. Maybe if we ban together we can
help eachother cope with these serious addictions.
Many people do not take this addiction seriously,
but anyone who had been through it knows it can
be just as bad as any drug addiction.

P.S. if you have any other games to add
to this interests list let us know and
we will be happy to add them. Also, if
you are currently addicted to games and
have input or opinions reguarding this
matter feel free to post aswell. We
would like all perspectives to be heard.
Also, if you are looking to quit games
we would be glad to hear you out and
support you. Enjoy and post away.