willowdreamer (willowdreamer) wrote in anti_games,

Hello and a mini rant

Hi all, I just discovered this community.

Normally I don't care what my boyfriend does with his time because I like having some space and have my own little weird hobbies too. But right now I'm hungry and annoyed and furious at Final Fantasy (don't know which Roman numeral comes after it and don't care) for having affected my OWN life. We had a lunch planned and were supposed to have left an hour ago and he says we can't go for another hour or two because there's something "very important" he needs to do in that blasted game. As though it is an actual income-producing job or something. *rolls eyes*

I'm just totally resenting the fact that my life is being affected by this silly game now.

Ok, that's it for now. Thanks for listening. =)
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