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Here's some bullshit...

I sent a concerned email to playonline about my husbands addiction to thier game Final Fantasy 11 and this was thier responce to me:

Thank you for contacting the PlayOnline Information Center,

Unfortunately, we do not have any way to control how much time a person spends
playing our game. One of the reasons that the warning comes up every time the
game is started is to try to help curb online addiction. Many studies have
been done regarding online and computer addictions, and you may want to
investigate this matter further on your own by doing an online search for
\"online addictions\".

You can also read the article posted here:
(we are not in any way affiliated with this site)

We sincerely hope that you are able to resolve this issue.

Isn't that sweet? Appearantly there is nothing to be done about it without sabotoging his game and/or account in some way.
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